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We make shopping for headsets, headphones simple with a huge collection of headphones styles, sizes, and price to pick from. Whether you are looking for a new pair to wear at the gym, at work, listening to music or while gaming at home, you will find perfect headphones for you. Some exclusive types even offer stunning features, like noise canceling headsets and sound isolating Bluetooth headphones.

Headphones Types

Ear Phones can be split into 2 categories, in ear monitors fit snuggly inside every ear canal and most of sports headphones fall below this category. Earbuds and earpods feature minute drivers that complete on the ridge of your outer ear and normally deliver lower isolation and fidelity than any other kind of headphones, but they’re inexpensive. Over-ear headphones also known as full size or around the ear, headphones have cushioned ear cups which enclose the ear, while one-ear headphones have superb cushions that set on the outer ear.

Find the Idea Headphones for Your Lifestyle

Sports headsets and corded headphones come in a range of lightweight on-ear and in-ear styles to make sure that your headphones stay put. A few made with water resistant stuff to protect against unwanted elements. Wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones are remarkable for outdoor and sports since they let you move easily without worrying about your wire getting tangled.

Headphones for trip come in several different styles, a few are foldable, making them simple to pack in your handbag, and ear buds are especially portable. Beats headphones allow you to listen to your music in a magical way.

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